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Sooner or later, your loved one may become bored with an aspect of his or her current routine of activities. It’s important to keep active, both cognitively and physically, in order to maintain good health overall. Here are some new ideas to keep your loved one lively! Passive activities require very little physical effort and include watching television, listening to the radio, reading or sleeping. While it may be easy to spend a lot of time doing passive activities, they offer little to no benefit to the aging adult. Television viewing should take place no more than two hours a day. There are many activities that are somewhat passive, but still promote engagement, particularly for those with physical limitations. Some of these passive pastimes that can still benefit brain health include drawing, journaling and creative writing, making shapes with clay or playing with jigsaw puzzles and activity cards. Decks of fun yet stimulating activities are also a part of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, Home Care Assistance’s cognitive stimulation program designed to promote brain health through personalized, one-on-one activities that engage the five cognitive domains. Even if your loved one is experiencing cognitive decline, as long as he or she is physically able to engage in physical activities, there are many wonderful endeavors that help promote total wellness.
  • Jewelry and Crafts: There are countless arts & craft projects that can be created with a loved one at home. Do you or your family have old beaded necklaces or other jewelry? Take them apart and use them in new projects, either by creating new jewelry item or adding the beads to other projects to add dimension to a design.
  • Birdhouses and Woodwork: Another idea for a craft is to create a small wooden birdhouse. Birdhouses are typically available at craft stores in unfinished wood, and present a blank canvas for an older adult’s creativity. This opens the opportunity to either stain or paint the wood. Craft materials such as beads, feathers, flowers or other items can be glued on as well for an extra touch.
  • Exercise Programs: Health and exercise courses concentrate on increasing a person’s liveliness, endurance, physical strength, flexibility and blood circulation. These exercise programs include the following: walking, low-impact aerobics exercises, strength training with light weights, flexibility and balance classes, dancing, bowling and golf.
  • Interactive Hobbies: Community colleges, community centers and senior centers across the world offer exciting and motivating classes that appeal to older adults. Some of these can include art classes, cultural and language study, poetry and book reading clubs, theater, culinary arts, yoga and meditation, and opportunities for volunteering and charity work.
These ideas are only a handful of the many fun and positive activities available for seniors that can engage both the body and the mind. No one interest or task is better than the other since your loved one is as unique as his or her own personality and experiences. Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained to aid the aging adult, both physically and cognitively. If you or a loved one needs companionship to help them become more active in ways that will benefit his or her overall health, contact us to learn more about our services at Are you or a loved one in need of senior home care services? click here.
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